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The Ultimate Germany Itinerary

This blog post – The Ultimate Germany Itinerary, is sponsored by Germany Tourism.

When Blogilicious approached me to write a blog post on our ideal Germany Itinerary for Germany Tourism, I jumped at the chance. When my husband and I were travelling through Germany in our camper van, on an 8 month road trip through Europe, Germany quickly became a highlight of our trip. I could talk about it for days and I can’t wait to share with you all of the fantastic places that you can visit in Germany.

There are still so many more places that we want to go back and visit or revisit. Germany Tourism has an awesome tool that you can use to help plan your perfect Germany itinerary.

The German Information Skill Capsule is available on Alexa devices and is a source of travel inspiration and information. Just simply ask Alexa “Open Germany Travel Tips” and the travel guide tailor makes your travel tips based on your answer to two questions:

Question 1: Are you into nature or culture?

Question 2: Are looking for action or relaxation?

There are so many incredible tips, spoken together with music offering activities like festivals, museums, river cruises and so much more. We went through all of the tips and chose the ones that spoke to our interests the most and compiled The Ultimate Germany Itinerary below.

We love a good road trip and have chosen these locations based on a road trip itinerary.

Stop No. 1 on The Ultimate Germany Itinerary – Zugspitze

Zugspitze, Bavarian Alps.
Photo by Eimantas Juskevicius on
Zugspitze, Bavarian Alps - The Ultimate Germany Itinerary

Alexa Germany Travel Tip Category: Nature and Action

The first stop on The Ultimate Germany Itinerary is Zugspitze in the Bavarian Alps. You can scale the heights of Germanys highest mountain, at almost 3000m high. At the summit you can see 400 mountain peaks across 4 different countries, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland and even glaciers. You can reach the summit in an ultra modern cable car or a nostalgic cog wheel train. You can come to this area to ski in winter and hike in summer.

The classic round trip starts at the Zugspitze station in Garmisch-Partenkirchen where guests take a seat on the cogwheel train.

Want to hear a funny story? My husband and I visited Garmisch- Partenkirchen on our Europe road trip. We were just passing through and stayed 1 night. We wandered the beautiful town where many of the buildings have incredible paintings on them. It is only now after having heard about Zugspitze using the German Information Skill Capsule on Alexa that we realise how close we were to something incredible. We are kicking ourselves now that we didn’t see it and can’t wait to go back.

Stop No. 2 – Schloss Neuschwanstein

Schloss Neuschwanstein, The Ultimate Germany Itinerary

Alexa Germany Travel Tip Category: Culture and Relaxation

The second place to visit on The Ultimate Germany Itinerary is Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. My husband and I have visited here before and we absolutely adored it.

The magestic castle perched atop a mountain is truly magical and understandably the inspiration behind Disneys Sleeping Beauty castle. Not only can you visit inside one of Germanys most visited castles built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, you can explore the magnificent grounds. Stroll along the incredible lakes or hike along 120km of trails that offer incredible mountain views.

Between alpine peaks and heavenly lakes is the nearby town of Füssen. A 700 year old medieval town on the edge of the Alps. The ideal starting point for trips to the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

Did you know the castle has its own webcam? Currently the area is covered in snow and looks pretty magical.

Top Tip: When you travel here and want to get the iconic shot of Schloss Neuschwanstein on the foot bridge, continue walking across the bridge. There is a hike that goes all the way to the top of the mountain that offers panoramic views of the valley below and both castles. If you are lucky like us you may even see a traditional Bavarian hiker wearing lederhosen.

The Ultimate Germany Itinerary

Distance between locations: Only an hours drive from Zugspitze, you really cannot skip on visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein.

Stop No. 3 on The Ultimate Germany Itinerary – Heidelberg

Heidelberg, The Ultimate Germany Itinerary

Alexa Germany Travel Tip Category : Nature and Relaxation

The third stop on The Ultimate Germany Itinerary is Heidelberg. A location that made Phil and I fall in love with Germany. This university town is filled with culture and character and is the perfect place to hop on a romantic river boat cruise down the Rhine river. Heidelberg sits on the Neckar River, a river that connects to the Rhine a short distance away. It is the best way to see Germanys castles in the South West. Why not relax on the water with a glass of wine.

If you fancy a detour why not stop in the Black Forest? Where you can explore more castles, taste the original Black Forest Gateaux recipe and get lost in a whimsical forest wonderland.

Distance between locations: Just a 3 hour drive from Schloss Neuschwanstein near Füssen to Heidelberg.

Stop No. 4 – Thuringian Forest

Thuringian Forest

Alexa Germany Travel Tip Category: Nature and Action

The fourth stop on The Ultimate Germany Itinerary is the Thuringian Forest and meadows. Regarded as the “green heart” of Germany and a lesser known destination with tourists. With over 2082 sq kilometres of upland paradise, it is dotted with charming villages and locals who are warm and friendly. One of the world’s most famous composers – Johann Sebastian Bach hailed from the Thuringian Forest hill town of Eisenach.

The Thuringian forest enjoys one of the best climatic conditions in Germany being warm and temperate. It is one of the longest running biosphere reserves in Germany.

Distance between locations : A 3 hour drive from Heidelberg to the Thuringian Forest.

Stop No. 5 on The Ultimate Germany Itinerary – Saxon Switzerland National Park

Saxon Switzerland National Park

Alexa Germany Travel Tip Category: Nature and Action

The final stop on The Ultimate Germany Itinerary is the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Saxony, eastern Germany. Famous for its bizarre rock formations and being one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. This 93km area has more than 700 summits available for rock climbers and 400km² of marked hiking trails. It is a dream destination for ramblers and climbers.

Admission to this national park and the famous Bastei bridge (pictured above) is free. You can reach this unmissable attraction in under 1 hour from nearby Dresden. Saxon Switzerland National Park is both fantastic to visit in all seasons and looks equally incredible covered in snow.

Distance between locations: 3 hours from Thuringian Forest to Saxon Switzerland National Park.

Why not start planning your trip to Germany using the German Information Skill Capsule on Alexa. Where will you go?

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The Ultimate Germany Itinerary Blog Post

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  • Traveling Tine

    Great list. Saxon Switzerland is soooo pretty. Loved it there. You should also cgeck out Franconia (?) in Nothern Bavaria or the Black Forest.

    • Rachel Hughes

      Hey Christine!Thank you! Saxon Switzerland looks amazing! I’m super inspired now. Franconia sounds lovely. We spent most of our time in Germany down in the Black Forest – would go back in a second. Loved it. Also loved Lake Constance!

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