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Hi I’m Rachel, also known as Ever the Wanderer. I am a digital media creator and long term travel expert.

Ever the Wanderer started off as many things do, a travel blog to showcase the travels and adventures of myself and my husband Phil. What started as a hobby has grown into a business where we inspire like-minded creatives who love to travel unleash their potential.

Our experience comes from travelling the world on a long term scale for the last 10+ years. Yearning to avoid the norm that we felt pressured to follow, we spent years perfecting the lifestyle that we live today. We have enjoyed years living in other countries, becoming part of their communities and making friends all over the world. Gaining invaluable skills along the way that have helped sculpt the life we live now.

Rachel at Papaya Beach, El Nido

What started for me as a month-long trip to Bali (before Canggu was even the digital nomad escape it is now) became something so much more. A lifestyle filled with passion, inspiration and freedom. Freedom to go where we wanted, when we wanted, earning money along the way.

We were not digital nomads, we worked with those from the countries we lived in and travelled using the money we saved. You wouldn’t believe me if I said we moved to Canada on one wage and my husband didn’t work for over two years. Not because he couldn’t, but because he didn’t need to. Imagine that, having two years of not working at the age of 33! You see, we believe that you needn’t wait until you are retired to live that dream lifestyle.

What started as a passion for life and travel has become a business for us. We now get to work with brands from all over the world and it’s become one of our biggest passions.

You may have come across this blog because of our Instagram page @everthewanderer. That platform is where this really all took off. Our passion for photography has grown the more we have travelled and we love showcasing it to our followers. Mix that in with our super honest opinions on places we travel to and we have got the best community.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you take a look at our Travel Guides and Resources and get inspired for your life of travel and adventure.

Rachel xox