Gondolas in Venice Italy

Top 10 Instagram Spots in Venice Italy

Are you planning a trip to Venice and want to know where all the best places to take photos are? Then I got you! Because this blog post will list my top 10 Venice instagram spots including our photo tips on how to get the best shot. So let’s dig in and explore where all the best photo spots in Venice Italy are!

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1. Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

This is one of THE best secret finds in Venice Italy. On the rooftop of the Fondaco Dei Tedeschi mall is a viewing platform that takes in 360 degree views of Venice, including the famous Rialto Bridge. It is ideally located just around the corner from Rialto Bridge, once you are in the mall take the escalator to the top floor and follow the signs for the viewing platform. In summer it can get busy so they give you 15 minute slots but in slow season it is open all the time. It is free and honestly offers the best rooftop views in Venice.

Photo Tip: Try to visit close to dusk as the colours in the sky will make your photos really atmospheric and warm.

Fondaco Dei Tedeschi Viewpoint in Venice Italy
Fondaco Dei Tedeschi in Venice Italy

2. St Marks Basilica

Located in St Marks Square you can get an incredible photo in front of the Basilica. The artwork on this building is just incredible and the architecture is awe inspiring. Make sure you pop inside, it’s free and definitely worth it. During summer it can get extremely busy and queues around the building but in the slow season (we visited in January) there was no queue.

Photo Tip: If you visit Venice in summer and want to get a photo with no other tourists in then you will need to visit at dawn. However if you still want a great photo but don’t like early mornings (like me) then embrace the crowds, the building is the show stopper anyway.

St Marks Basilica in Venice italy

3. Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice Italy

The first time we visited Venice we had no idea this place even existed, it wasn’t until we came across it on Pinterest that we knew we had to visit. Libreria Acqua Alta is a working book store located down a quaint alley. The book store once got flooded due to the common flooding in Venice and they had a lot of books ruined. Not letting this get them down, they decided to get creative and made a set of stairs in their rear courtyard from the ruined vintage books. It has now become somewhat of an epic photo spot and gets many visitors to their book store. They welcome photographers and love the support. It is honestly such a unique experience.

Photo Tip: It can get busy here as the courtyard is very small, this is where you need to be patient. If you have a particular photo in mind, prepare beforehand in your mind so you can take the shot quickly. Everyone was very gracious when we visited and let you take your photos, after all that’s why everyone was there.

Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice Italy

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4. Rialto Bridge

A postcard staple for Venice, this bridge is located in prime position for sight seeing in Venice. Views are beautiful from every angle here and it’s worth taking your time exploring. There are a few spots that take the best photographs and they are on either side of the bridge.

Photo Tip: It can get quite busy with people walking past in these locations so in order to spend less time taking photos and more time sightseeing, use burst mode to take photos. That way you can do lots of different poses and pick your favourite photo.

Rialto Bridge in Venice Italy

In the below photo you can see the pontoon that I am stood on in the above photo on the opposite side of the river.

Rialto Bridge in Venice Italy

5. St Marks Square

How can you come to Venice and not visit St Marks Square?! Steeped in history and the epicentre for so many beautiful sights. Come to soak in the atmosphere and revel in the beautiful architecture.  To get a great photo of St Marks Campanile shoot between the pillars surrounding the square.

Photo Tip: In order to get this viewpoint you need to get low to the ground, like really low. Put on burst mode and move around until you get the shot you want. If you stand in the foreground it won’t matter if there are people behind you as you will stand out.

St Marks Square in Venice Italy

6. Bridge of Sighs

One of the most famous sights in Venice. You can walk across this bridge if you pay to access the Doges Palace but you can also see the outside from a bridge just opposite. This particular viewpoint is a super popular bucket list photo.

Photo Tip: I recommend walking off the bridge and down to the canal side to avoid queueing for a photo, here you get the view point all to yourself. If you are patient you will catch a gondola floating past.

Bridge of Sighs in Venice Italy

7. Burano in Venice Italy

Burano is a fishing village located about 40 minutes by Vaporetto from Venice. It is known for being super colourful as all of the houses are painted different bright colours. It’s a fantastic place to visit even in winter (especially because it’s not busy at all!) If you are looking for something a little different then head here. 

Photo Tip: Get high when you take photos using the bridges and then pose on the sidewalk. Take your time exploring as there are so many cool photo spots.

Burano Views in Venice Italy
Burano Orange House in Venice Italy
Burano in Venice

8. Gondola Station – Santa Maria del Giglio

On our way walking through the beautiful winding alleyways to Pont Dell Accademia we came across Santa Maria del Giglio gondola station. This location offers a picture perfect photo spot of the stunning Venetian gondolas with Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in the background.

Photo Tip: Walk down on to the pontoon steps for your photo and have someone take a photo from the pontoon opposite.

Gondolas in Venice

9. St Marks Square Waterfront

The waterfront in front of St Marks Square is a hub for transport in Venice. Here you will find lots of gondola stations and Vaporetto stops. There are also beautiful street lamps that make great props for photos. You can walk along the waterfront here and find plenty of great places to photograph.

Photo Tip: Stick to the waters edge to avoid getting people in your photos, although a passing gondola will definitely make a photo pop.

St Marks Square Waterfront
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10. Ponte degli Scalzi in Venice Italy

If you plan to arrive in to Venice via train then Ponte deli Scalzi is the first bridge that you will see when you leave Venice train station. It offers fantastic views of the Grand Canal and sets the scene for the rest of your trip in Venice. You have to cross this bridge in order to reach the main part of the city.

Photo Tip: Grab a nice hat as a prop, I find they always make a good addition to a photo whether that’s a sunhat or a bobble hat in winter.

Ponte degli Scalzi

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top 10 venice italy instagram spots

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