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Ever The Wanderer Travel Planning Services

Are you planning an amazing adventure, your annual holiday or simply want some inspiration on where to go on your next trip? Looking for a Travel Expert who can help make your dream into a reality?

Ever The Wanderers Travel Planning Services can help you with your itinerary right from the very bare bones of the idea through to tweaking the finer details like visa requirements and travel insurance.

With years of personal travel experience and working in the travel industry in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere I am able to help build your dream vacation and take the stress out of the organisation.

Trust me I understand how many hours it can take to find that perfect hotel in Rome so that it is in the perfect location, offers the highest standards and has the best reviews all whilst being great value. A time consuming feat that will no longer be your burden as I will make the process as easy and care free as possible.

I have years of experience planning trips for customers who have toured the world by backpack (and thus know the best tour companies to travel with), travelled business class with the finest airlines for their honeymoons or simply wanted a holiday to remember.

With my services you will expect to receive:

  • Expert knowledge on airlines to travel with and the best routes to take (I have extensive knowledge on Multi Stop and Round The World itineraries that cannot be booked online)
  • Tricks to making sure you get the best out of your flight including the best time to book, who to book with and how to make sure you get the best seats (I have inside experience on how the airlines work)
  • Ensure you are aware of your visa requirements (we don’t want any denied boardings because you didn’t get your transit visa organised)
  • Comprehensive Itinerary planning based on personal and professional experience
  • Suggestions for experiences not to be missed and local knowledge
  • Peace of mind that you have planned the best possible trip without missing any of the important details


Pricing depends on the number of destinations and the number of items on your itinerary that you would like me to help you plan.

*Please note I do not book the trip for you but give you a comprehensive Itinerary and advice based on my research, expertise and experience to ensure you are ready to book yourself.

If this sounds like the type of help that you need then get in touch and we can begin to plan your adventure. If you have any questions about this service or would like a free quote please contact me by one of the following methods.


Twitter: @everthewanderer

Facebook: Ever The Wanderer

Please feel free to leave comments and tell me about your travel experiences or if you want advice I will get back to you

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