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I am drawn to images, colours and textures and believe that what you see can have an emotional effect on your well being. The sunshine is something that has a positive outcome when it comes to my personality. Maybe it’s the warm bright colours or the feeling of the sun rays on my skin that makes me happy. I know it’s the sunshine because when it’s rainy I am the opposite, I am a wanderer day dreaming of greener pastures.

To help me get over my aversion to the rainy weather I look to photography. A photo in an instant can transform you spiritually to another place, one where you are care free, enjoying peacefulness and life. So for this blog post I am going to celebrate the photography of my very good friend Kate Davies. A fortunate free spirit who travels the world by boat, plane, or whatever inspires her.  Our header has greatly increased in visual loveliness since she agreed to let me use her image for Ever The Wanderer and I thank her for her generosity.  You can find more inspiring images on Kates Tumbler page.



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