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Secret Spot California- Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove
When we were in California earlier this year we discovered a rare and beautiful place- Crystal Cove. Just off the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) sits Crystal Cove State Park offering rolling surf, wide sandy beaches, tidepools, gently sloping hills, and deeply wooded canyons.
crystal cove shop
I managed to stumble upon the name whilst googling our itinerary,  a happy accident as we could not have been more happy when we discovered what this place has to offer. A perfect example on how going off the beaten path pays off.
crystal cove2
Breakfast on the beach is a MUST at Beachcomber Cafe where people often wait upto 90 minutes to get a table.
Tip-book through their website a couple of days before to skip the queue as we did.

Offering generous portions of the most perfect breakfast options,(pancakes with coconut vanilla maple syrup-mmm) you will be spoilt for choice. Not only is the food fantastic but the location could not be any more Idyllic.

Beach Comber Cafe
Follow breakfast with a stroll along the beach, a surf, visit the local shop, pop in to the information centre, have a picnic or even stay a couple of nights at Crystal Cove Beach Cottages. These cottages book up well in advance so do plan ahead if you fancy this little retreat.
Crystal Cove beach
Crystal Cove is magnificent and a MUST see travel destination on anyones Californian Itinerary.

Please feel free to leave comments and tell me about your travel experiences or if you want advice I will get back to you

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