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Laguna Love


Laguna Beach Sunset- Southern Californian Coast.

We must apologise for the delay in recent posts, here at Ever The Wanderer has been a very busy time. Over the past month we have been further exploring the snowy peaks of Whistler, road tripping along the Southern Californian Coast from inland Las Vegas to sunny San Diego and landed back home in the UK.

We wanted to share a quick peek of the travel that we have encountered and plan on updating more on these exciting travel destinations shortly.

We have now landed in the UK where we are preparing for our next travel adventure-details of this to come and this one has been a life long dream!

We are now featured on Kiss From The World ,an online travel magazine which is very exciting news in the development of spreading the travel bug. We will be posting some awesome content there to wet your appetite for future endeavours.

For more from Ever The Wanderer watch this space, it’s just got more exciting…….

Please feel free to leave comments and tell me about your travel experiences or if you want advice I will get back to you

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