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Soaring Through The Snow Capped Rainforests of British Columbia


I never thought that I would be standing in a rainforest in British Columbia and be surrounded by of all things-snow!

We are currently in Whistler, British Columbia and it is one of very few areas in the world where you can experience a coastal temperate rainforest. Being only 80km away from the coast and located on a mountain where high precipitation is encountered annually creates this very rare and beautiful wonderland.

One of the most exhilarating ways to experience the environment here is by seeing it from a different perspective. We chose to do this by jumping out of alpine treehouses and soaring above the snowy canyons between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain.


Zip lining-an extreme sports enthusiasts dream where you are connected by a harness to wires that start at one tree house on Whistler Mountain and send you soaring over the Fitzsimmons River towards Blackcomb Mountain. An eco-friendly activity where they power their radios from solar panels and donate proceeds to almost 20 charities annually, Zip Trek were a company with a feel good factor and environmentally sound attributes.

With snow falling all around us, one of the most beautiful rainforests in the world and trails only accessible via the tour, we experienced a once in a lifetime activity that will leave us with memories for life.

Zip lining in Whistler is also enjoyable in the summer months without the frosty temperatures, but we feel that the ability to taste this adventure in winter adds an alpine twist enabling you to view a quieter, more serene winter wonderland.

Please feel free to leave comments and tell me about your travel experiences or if you want advice I will get back to you

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