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The Difference Between Travelling Solo Or With A Partner

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself” Danny Kaye

The wise words of Danny Kaye resonate with me as he has captured the true reality of what is essential about travel; the journey that you take as a person with your mind and soul as you encounter fascinating adventures and mesmerizing experiences. Every journey that we pursue in life is an individual one, whether you are alone or have companionship, but who you are with or encounter along the way enriches the endeavour.

Travelling solo has its perks; you are able to plan your trip to the beat of your own drum. Go where you want, when you want and you are more inclined to meet some incredible friends along the way. Being alone in a foreign culture enables you to build confidence when faced with the unknown as you really have to push your personality to its limits. Having a personal relationship with the community around you does wonders for increasing your knowledge of different societies around the globe.

While globe trotting as a single is enticing, there are also many advantages to going with a partner, be it a spouse or friend. Sharing experiences with someone else is a gratifying feeling, where you can exchange stories and memories for a lifetime to come. Having a like minded side kick can broaden your horizons; as the saying goes “Two heads are better than one” and having the opinion of a fellow traveller will enable you to vastly expand the encounters you come across. You will also find that your journey will be kinder to your bank account as it will always be economical to share the cost between two rather than take the hit on your own.

If you like the idea of wandering through the diverse cultures that the earth has to offer solo, bear in mind that there are times where you may be alone, or in a difficult situation and the comfort and support of a friend can help you overcome the challenges that you face.

I have been lucky enough to travel with friends and a partner who I have a great deal in common with and this has proven to enhance my story as I travel across the globe, however it is important to make sure that your friendship is solid enough to withstand stress and any unexpected situations that may occur. You do not want to have to cut your voyage short from the loss of a travel partner. I encourage you to have a clear, mutual understanding before you depart on your dream escape to communicate clearly your intentions and feelings so that you both get to see/ do everything on your wish list.

Whether you choose to depart on your next jaunt solo or not, the exciting part is the adventure that awaits you!

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