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Escape The Daily Grind- How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World

“Repeat After Me-I Am Free”

So you are thinking about packing it all in and venturing out there into the great wild world? There is no better time than NOW. As the saying goes- “Repeat after me-I am free”, after all we are the makers of our own destiny. We made the decision to start travelling the world when we were 20 and 7 years later we are still enjoying the cultures and beauty that the world has to offer.

Where do you start? Well that is the easy part, decide where you want to go, do some research and pack your bag; easy as that. There are so many ways you can travel around the world and on all budgets. If you want to backpack across Europe or become and expat in Asia there are travel resources out there to help you do just that, right at your fingertips. The only thing that will ever get in the way of you carrying out your dreams, is you!

Fear of the unknown, fear of quitting your job and not knowing what the outcome might be, or fear that you won’t be successful or have enough money. Trust me these are all fears that have crossed my mind at some point along my past, but all you have to do is know that it is possible and it is so easy to achieve your dreams.

A few months ago someone said to me “You are so lucky”, this struck me as odd as I replied “I am not lucky, I made the conscious decision to travel”. It is a mindset that you have that can make you think it is hard, or it’s about luck when really all you need to do is make a dream and plan it.

Once you start deciding where to you want to travel to, you can research costs and make arrangements for tickets and accommodation etc. Once you book your ticket, the rest will come naturally and the excitement will follow. All those fears you had will disappear and be replaced with excitement for the future and what is to come.

For those of you who have more ties with mortgages, belongings and jobs it too is an easy dream to achieve once you know how to achieve it. There are an abundance of companies out there willing to help you with shipping belongings, putting them into storage or helping you rent out your house or flat. It may seem like a big task to start with but the end reality is what is so important-achieving your dream of travelling the world-doesn’t that sound so exciting.

Ever find yourself daydreaming at your desk with screen savers of far away places, make that dream into a reality and start planning your trip of a lifetime now. If we can do it-you can too.

Yours, Ever The Wanderer


6 thoughts on “Escape The Daily Grind- How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World”

  1. sounds like an amazing lifestyle! i wish i could do it, but just for a few months. i couldn’t do it for years at a time. but you are so blessed to be able to and love it! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading my post and stopping by my blog Sarah. I agree that I am blessed, travelling the world is a passion of mine that I love to share with people to show how easy it really can be. You can follow me on twitter @everthewanderer and on for more stories of inspiration.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Ever The Wanderer Kristin. Your plans sound very exciting-and the planning is the best part of the whole process. I look forward to hearing about your travels. Follow me on twitter and facebook to hear more from Ever The Wanderer.

  2. Thank you for this post! It is a reminder that the possibilities are endless and that it really can be a REALITY! Your Inspiration will help me make this a reality. I have always wanted to work in each location and just live as a local until the next adventure but I have never known anyone who has done this? So tossed in my mind….is it really that simple or will I end up homeless? LOL Cheers to y’all for paving the way!!

    1. Hi Nicole. I am so glad that we were able to inspire the Wanderlust in you! Anything is possible if you want something bad enough. And in answer to your question-YES it absolutely is possible, simple and amazing and you will not end up homeless. The endless amount of opportunities will ensure you have the time of your life, experience different cultures and give you the confidence to just keep going. It is called the travel bug and once your are bitten there is no going back. We have actually just moved back to New Zealand! Where is your heart set on taking you? If you want any more advice please feel free to message me again 🙂 Rach and Phil

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